Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Folded Hexagon Needlebook

starts out with a simple triangle.

Using 2 coordinating fabrics, cut 3 triangles from each print.

Let me start out by saying that I am not a quilter so I do not know the proper order to join pieces and also which direction to press seams. I just do it my own way and so far it has worked out for me. So all you quilters out there, do it your way, the right way. And most of all, do not burst out in laughter at the way that I have pieced and pressed this, okay? Well, maybe a quiet chuckle will be alright. LOL

Join the 6 triangles to form a hexagon.

After all 6 pieces have been joined together, use it as a pattern to cut out a matching hexagon that will be used for the back of the needlebook.

Now to the folding of the pieced hexagon...

With the wrong side facing up, fold one point of the hexagon up to the center. Press in place.

Bring the 2nd point to the center; press.

Bring the 3rd point to the center; press.

Bring the 4th point to the center; press.

Bring the 5th point to the center; press.

Complete the hexagon for the back of the needlebook in the same way as the front.

To stabilize the front and back covers of the needlebook, cut 2 hexagons from either cardboard, heavy interfacing or plastic canvas. Use the completed folded hexagon as a pattern. Trim each hexagon 1/8" smaller on all 6 sides. Cut an opening in the center of the cardboard.

Using the cardboard hexagon as a pattern, cut 2 double hexagons from wool felt that are attached on one side. You can achieve this by placing one of the 6 sides on a fold. You may need to further trim the sides of hexagon once it is sewn into the needlebook. Wait until the book is completed before doing so. Set both felt hexagons aside.

Unfold both folded hexagons. Pin right sides together.

You will be attaching both hexagons by sewing it together in one of the creases as shown. This will become the spine of the book.

I realize that it is difficult to see exactly where to attach the hexagons so I have created a paper diagram to make it easier. Sew the hexagons together in the area indicated by the heavy line.

Place the attached hexagons onto a flat surface with right side facing up. Center both pieces of felt onto the attached hexagons and pin in place.

Attach the felt by sewing machine, stitching in the ditch so that the outside of your book will have a neat appearance.

Center the cardboard hexagons onto the wrong sides of the attached hexagons. Refold both hexagons using the creases that were previously made.

I find it easier to pin each fold as I go along. Hand tack the points in place by taking small stitches in the center. Remove pins. Sew on a decorative button, feeding the needle and thread through the hole in the cardboard center. Do this on both the front and back covers.

A look at the inside of the needlebook. I would recommend trimming the felt to fit neatly inside of the needlebook. As you can see, this one still needs a trim to even it out a bit.

Voila! A completed needlebook to carry along with your sewing projects.

Here is a needlebook that I completed in July of last year. All 6 segments are made from different fabrics. It is also heavily beaded because I love beads. Keep in mind that you can embellish and personalize your needlebook to your liking.

Have fun!



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