Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flower Hair Pins

You will need five 2" X 2" fabric squares, a 5/8" circle of felt, and a bobby pin. You will also need a hot glue gun, two buttons, and a needle and thread.

*To create the petals, place the first fabric square onto an ironing surface, right side facing down.
*Fold one side to the center, press flat.
*Fold the other side to the center, press flat.
*Fold the raw edges together. Do not press. This will make the petals too flat. Repeat with the rest of the petals.

With needle and thread, take a running stitch at the raw edge of the first petal.
Repeat until you have all 5 petals on the thread.

Tie both ends of the thread together to form a circle of petals.

Sew a coordinating stack of buttons to the center of the flower.

Slide the felt round between both prongs of the bobby pin, crinkled side of the pin facing up.

Place a small glob of hot glue onto the center of the felt circle.

Glue the bobby pin to the back of the flower, concealing the raw edges.

There you have it. This is so simple that you'll probably want to make oodles.



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