Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung – a baju kurung is worn by women for occasions such as school (as a uniform) or to a wedding. It too brightly colored and can come in a variety of different printed designs. It is a knee length dress with a full length sleeves.
The baju kurung can be used as an everyday outfit, and also as a formal outfit....


The Baju Kurung, or more specifically, the Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga, is the Pahang traditional Malay costume for women.
baju kurung styles
Well, just go to any Malay house, open the cupboard of the lady in the house, and you can definitely find at least one Baju Kurung dress in the wardrobe, if not a full line of the traditional Malay women costume. This is because even though some women prefer modern western attires, the Baju Kurung is still an elegant and sweet dress for women in Pahang and Malaysia.
And worn with matching shoes and handbag, well the lady will look... should I say... demure... charming and... with a well mannered poise -- ahh, a real lady.


fine beaded neckline of baju kurung
Nowadays, even though the cut of the Baju Kurung is still the same, to add further elegance, color and charm to the dress, embroidery is sewn and added to the dress.Various motifs normally of colorful flowers, are embroidered at the bottom and both sides of the buttoned front area of the dress.
Sequins and beads are sometimes added to create radiance, glows and glitters to the dress. This is especially so for the dresses of popular singers, music artists and other performers during shows and public performances.



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