Here In My Heart

Where are you, Where did you go
Do you know that I'm missing you so

I think of you every night and day
Missing you even more with each passing day

I want to be near you, I was I was there
So you'd know just how much I really care

I miss your voice, I miss your laugh
Those are treasures I will never get enough

Where ever you are, No matter how far apart
You're always close to me here in my heart

Fallen Angel

I met an angel from the heavens above
She's sweet and kind and so full of love
A living example of someone who is beautiful
One who is kind at heart and sometimes very playful

We got to know each other and we became good friends
Right then I knew this was a relationship which I never want it to end
Before I knew it, I had already fallen for her
Sadly to say she could not return the feelings I had to offer

For this angel, her heart already belongs to somebody
How I only wish that "somebody" would be me
Until now we remain the very best of friends
This angel and I...until the very end

Little does she knows this beating of my heart
Has been beating for her since we met from the very start

The One

I've yet to meet the one who makes me smile
Who makes my heart skip a beat each time I see her face
Someone to hold me for just a little while
One who takes my blues away with her embrace

She'll be that someone whom I'll cherish with all my heart
Someone who makes me weak with just a simple kiss
I'll care and cherish her like a priceless work of art
She'll be the one that I will always miss

I've yet to meet the one who makes me laugh
Who cheers me up when I'm feeling blue
Someone who will be my other half
Who gives me life, feeling all brand new

She'll always be there for me when I need a "friend"
Someone I can turn to when I'm feeling down
Even though I've not met her...I know it's not the end
Cause I know she's still out there waiting to be found

Can you...

Can you hear my voice screaming out your name
Echoing through the skies like a distant thunder
Facing each day without you, would never be the same
Often at times, I would just sit around and wonder

Can you see the man inside of me
With arms opened wide, waiting just for you
Open up your eyes baby, and you will see
The feelings I have for you are so pure and true

Can you feel my touch and remember what you felt inside
Of how I would hold you and pull you close to my heart
The love I have for you is something I cannot hide
Which shall forever remain, till death do us part

I'll be waiting...

All is lost, all is gone...
I don't how I'm supposed to carry on

If you only knew, just how much I care...
Whenever you need me, I'll always be there

I cry the tears you cannot see...
Hoping that one day you'll come back again to me

I'm screaming out loud, I'm calling your name...
Without you here, life will never be the same

Hear my cries, listen with your heart...
Deep down you know we're never meant to be apart

So here I am, waiting till the time is right...
For you to return and remain by my side

My One True Love

How do I begin to tell you
The love I have for you inside
Please know that these feelings are true
How much I feel for you I cannot hide

For so long I've been so lonely
Waiting to find my one true love
Never had I thought that my one and only
Would be one that was sent from up above

You've brought me joy and you've brought me happiness
You've shown me what it's like to love again
Taking away all of my sad and loneliness
With you my baby, my love will always and shall forever remain

Thank you for being a part of me
Thank you for coming into my life
The day will come you soon will see
When I pledge my love to only you and make you my wife

The Journey

It's been a long time since I last felt this way
So happy, yet restless and don't know what to say
The feelings I once lost, are coming back again today
To fill my life with happiness, that I thought had forever gone away

I want to be near you, to be there when you're feeling down
To catch you when you fall, before you even hit the ground
I want to put a smile on your face, whenever there is a frown
So you'll always be happy and cheerful, whenever I'm around

Let me be the one, leading you through the night
For when you're in darkness, I will be your guiding light
Keeping you safe from harm and holding you tight
If ever you're in danger, I'll be there to put up a fight

So let this be a journey, let this be a start
Let us be together, and never shall we part
The gift I have for you, is only but my heart
So we can be together, in a brand new start

I Will Always Love You

Fate brought us together,
Now it has taken you away from me,
I had always thought that this would be forever,
But now I know it was never meant to be,

I will always love you,
And cherish you with all my heart,
Please know that this is true,
I never meant for us to be apart,

All those times we've spent together,
Has been the best thing that happened in my life,
I wanted this to be forever,
And for you to be my wife,

If things were only different,
How I wish it got better,
I didn't know that this would happen,
Now it all feels so bitter,

My love, my life, my everything,
I really do miss you,
If I could ask for just anything,
It would be forever loving you.

In The Beginning

How do I start...
Where do I begin
It always seems hard...
Starting all over again
When I first met you...
You put a smile on my face
Wanting to be near you...
And feeling your embrace
The closeness of you...
Gives me a special feeling
Its something so true...
So very full of meaning
Like an angel sent from above...
You brighten up my day
And just like the feeling of love...
It'll never fade away
I treasure the relationship...
And the feelings we have for each other
Its something more than friendship...
Something worth to remember
I will always cherish...
The times we've spent together
It will never perish...
Now until forever

What If...

What if we had never met
And never said hi
Would I still be sad
Whenever we say goodbye

What if you were here
Sitting in-front of me
Would you be able to hear
Me telling you never to leave

What if you were mine
And we were together
Will you still be able to find
Someone who loves you like no other

What if I said I love you
Asking you never to go
And showing you my love is true
Loving you forevermore

What if...


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